Art September 9, 2010 By Nika Knight
Rainbow Bridge, John Schofill. 1971

Rainbow Bridge, John Schofill. 1971

What exactly is a “rainbow bridge”?
It’s a form of meditation that came out of the kriya yoga. You go into these deep breathing exercises and you bring yourself into this state where you don’t breath anymore, and that’s the purest state of being. In a sense, you become an interdimensional being which then can transcend time and space. So, Rainbow Bridge grew out of that.
Rainbow Bridge became also a moniker for the Jimi Hendrix concert that was up the road on July 30th, 1970. …. There was a voyage up to the slopes of Haleakala, and before Hendrix went on, he made everyone sit in their astrological circle and they passed around jugs of LSD laced with apple juice, and sat around and listened to Hendrix play two private shows pretty much for 400 people. It’s just one of the holy grails of concerts. Hendrix, you know, forty days later he died. A lot of the artists were at Rainbow Bridge and kind of told stories about it, and we decided we’d hold the opening of the art show on the 40th anniversary.

FAR ART is on display through December 30 at Puka Puka, 43 Hana Hwy, Paia, Hawaii.

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