Black frock-coat: <strong>MCQ</strong> Long dress with scales body: <strong>D´Squared</strong> Black boots: <strong>DIOR</strong> Ring maxi with black stone: <strong>Uno de 50</strong>  Top see-through: <strong>Andres Sarda</strong>  Black skirt with feathers: <strong>Gucci</strong>  Black shorts boots: <strong>Ash</strong>  Frame work in Swarovski: <strong>D´Squared</strong> Black dress with chest transparencies: <strong>Frankie Morello</strong> Black sandals: <strong>Dior</strong> Seal ring: <strong>Uno de 50</strong> Black panties: <strong>La Perla</strong> Black dress with pailletes: <strong>Jose Miro</strong> Black short boots with silver buckles: <strong>Ash</strong> Corset: <strong>El Caballo</strong> Black hand bag with fringes: <strong>Uno de 50</strong> Silver ring and black ring: <strong>Uno de 50</strong> Shoes: <strong>Dior</strong> Leggings and latex gloves: <strong>Beñat Yanci</strong> Black corsage Eláter: <strong>H&M</strong> Black trousers: <strong>GoriI de Palma</strong> Black short boots: <strong>Lodi</strong> Silver bracelet: <strong>Uno de 50</strong>