Worldparty June 5, 2008 By Marc Rothman

bar25 title Bar 25

Poor landlocked cities. While some hipsters fall from bed to Bondi Beach, others have no white sand to run to during those balmy summer months. But humankind is especially resourceful, and many cities, like Berlin and Paris, have imported all those tiny grains, giving rise to the city beach bar. In Berlin, none of the beach bars can touch Bar 25. It may not be the easiest bar to get into (the bouncers aren’t looking for the prettiest people in the crowd; they’re searching for the right people), but once in, the games begin. The joint has a Wild West feel, with ranch-style décor — and disco balls overhead. Bar 25 is archetypal Berlin: wild, vibrant, unpolished, and real. Join the lawless masses inside: minimalist freaks dancing next to old-time punks next to graffiti artists next to the ultra-chic. Nothing is off-limits, nothing too risqué, and that’s what keeps the Berliners coming back. Stay the whole night at one of the overnight cabins for rent, or leave at dawn and head to another club. This Bacchanalian bar never stops — at least not until winter comes again.

Holzmarktstrasse 25     +49.172.4494058

Music June 4, 2008 By Timothy Gunatilaka
notwist The Notwist
City Slang/Domino

thenotwist title The Notwist

Over two decades, the Notwist have dabbled in both the chugging riffs of indie rock and the synth-glitches of electropop. But six years after the landmark Neon Golden — a gorgeous and infectious album that presaged the appeal of Postal Service — the German quartet has returned with a more melancholic affair. Somber acoustics and wistful vocals suffuse songs like “Gone Gone Gone” and the title track in starkness. “Good Lies” and “Gloomy Planets” both open with gentle strums but soon ignite into an epic swirl of binary blips and whirring synths. It all makes for another superb sonic odyssey.

Fashion June 3, 2008 By Perou

Glove Glovedup Socks Jonathan Aston

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Worldparty June 2, 2008 By Jennie Sung

qbar title Q Bar

After a long day of watching others strive for perfection at the Olympics in Beijing, it’s only natural that you’ll crave a well-crafted drink to satisfy your thirst. There may be many options in this burgeoning city, but few come with as much style, grace, and quality as Q Bar. The reason is simple: the bartenders. The mixologists, George and Echo, are so deft that they have built this bar into something special. Sometimes patrons have to wait a bit for their drink, but that’s the price of getting an impeccably made cocktail each and every time. Sure, there are other reasons to visit this spot: The panoramic, tree-lined rooftop deck is definitely one; the welcoming atmosphere of locals and expats another. But it’s the signature drinks — like the Q martini (vodka, crushed mint, and vermouth) — that keep the narrow bar full-up. After your thirst is properly slaked, run off to your next event and watch the athletes try to be as flawless.

Nansanlitan Road     +86.10.6595.9239

ilili title Ilili

Lebanese mega-diner Ilili delivers on all the noteworthy virtues of a lavish dinning experience: high design, impeccable service, and a gourmet twist to classic dishes. Upon entry, one is struck by the richness of texture — from the shapely red dining chairs to the wood paneled walls and granite flooring — commingling with reflections of candlelight in the glass and flatware. The cuisine, by chef-owner Philippe Massoud, is a nod to traditional Lebanese fare but modernized by fusion concepts. Fortunately, the menu specializes in mezza, or small plates, because everything from the daily hummus specials, to the seared Branzini with sweet sesame and orange to the moist beef shawarma — is a feast of spices and flavor, and it’s great to come with a group that loves to try a bit of everything. Sweet manna, indeed!

236 5th Avenue    +212 683 2929

Art, Features June 1, 2008 By Sarah Coleman

Parade — Hoboken, New Jersey. All Images Courtesy of Steidl

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