Art October 13, 2009 By Gabriel Bell
ericwhite page2 eric White
Rumours Eric White, 2009. 12″ x 12″ oil on panel

     Like the album cover itself, the information explosion has obscured our ability to manage what’s coming and what’s going. In a world of Twitter and RSS, we lack signposts and methods to measure progress — it’s all too fast, there’s too much content. In the confines of Sloan Fine Art, where LP closed last Friday, White took the familiar, the images we thought we could count on, and subjected them to the splicing, remixing, and Photoshopping that have become the norm. Using oils, White underlines the rarity of analog arts and takes full measure of how far we’ve penetrated into an age of information overload. Ironically, the show sold well. Twelve or so of these mutations have been sold and will become familiar standbys in the houses of collectors who, we can only hope, will enjoy White’s animal-infested Houses of the Holy, a final twist on a wonderfully twisted project. We look forward to more from the mind, and brush, of Eric White.

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