Art March 18, 2010 By Jennifer Pappas

sinclair pagefour Stephanie Sinclair
Over the course of your career, which project has affected you the most?

This self-immolation project is how I started working on the issue of child marriage. You know, it was one thing to show the horrific response these girls have to their lives, but I felt in order to deal with that responsibly, I needed to look at the reasons why this was happening. What was so bad that would cause a woman to set herself on fire?
     One common denominator I noticed is that many of these girls were married at a very, very young age, almost prepubescent. The more I work on the issue of child marriage, the more I realize it’s really related to most of the country’s gender issues, from maternal mortality to trafficking to self-immolation. This project actually spurred a lifetime project on the issue of child marriage.

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