Art, Events March 23, 2010 By Jessica Lott

Kiki Smith Coming Forth, 2008 Photo by: Kerry Ryan McFate. © Kiki Smith, Courtesy PaceWildenstein, New York

Left:Coming Forth, 2008 Photo by: Kerry Ryan McFate. Right: Annunciation, 2008 Photo by: Joerg Lohse

     Ultimately, the singular, most powerful nod to women’s creativity continues to be the Center itself. The Brooklyn Museum opened its Sackler Center for Feminist Art, the first of its kind in this country, in 2007, with the iconic feminist work of the 1970s The Dinner Party on long-term display, a main exhibition space, the Herstory gallery (showcasing a revolving series of small exhibitions on women’s history), and a forum for films, panel discussions, and artist talks, as well as an extensive multimedia web presence. To be standing in the Center galleries is to understand what is nascently suggested in the Punderson needlework. Here is one of the physical manifestations of a 200-year-old struggle to prove that sometimes a woman’s life, cradle to grave, is best served in pursuit of an artistic vision.
Courtesy of ERRATA# Magazine of Visual Arts, Bogotá, where this review appears in its Spanish translation in the April issue.

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