Art September 14, 2010 By Virginia Smith

filler156 New Orleans Resurgent

Photography is by Mario Tama, courtesy of Umbrage Editions.

Photography by Mario Tama, courtesy of Umbrage Editions.

filler156 New Orleans Resurgentneworleans title New Orleans Resurgent
In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans became a magnet for photographers, journalists, and 24-hour media attention. But not too many of them stuck around for the slow, problem-addled rebuilding process, and of those who did, few have captured the city and its embattled residents as poignantly as Getty Images photographer Mario Tama. In his tireless efforts to document the unprecedented levels of destruction, Tama has amassed a collection of images unique in the way in which they showcase the small moments of hope and resilience that accompany tragedy and frustration.
     On the heels of the hurricane’s fifth anniversary, Tama has collected his award-winning snapshots in Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent, featuring photos that highlight both the ongoing need for recovery and the unbelievable tenacity of the city’s residents. The book, which also has an introduction courtesy of Anderson Cooper, was released this past weekend and is a sharp reminder of the power of photojournalism done well.
     In the meantime, Tama’s work is also being showcased in twin exhibits in New Orleans and in New York at Brooklyn’s Umbrage Gallery — be sure to catch it before it closes this Wednesday. A portion of proceeds will go toward New Schools for New Orleans, a non-profit that has been instrumental in updating the city’s public education system.