Fashion August 27, 2010 By Eugene Rabkin

vainterview page3 The Viridi AnneI create clothes that fit into my day-to-day reality. I have come to appreciate that it is wearability more than any other aspect, because what are clothes if they are not worn? I cycle to my atelier in the morning and then meet clients and press in the evening, often in the same outfit. Versatility is a must. Even on trips into the country, I still like to retain some sense of elegance. If you look at old pictures of explorers and sportsmen they often dressed quite immaculately.
    Another particular strength lies in the use of the latest fabrics and techniques mixed with traditional Japanese craftwork. I spend a lot of time traveling in Japan, visiting small towns to find artisans working in very small factories. A lot of these places and techniques are in danger of dying out, and I am very proud to user their skills in my collections. I love wearing hand-made shoes, using hand-stitched items, etc. It makes me feel good about what I am wearing and about the collection and even my life. There is a certain soulful energy that one can feel from these garments that is missing from “fast fashion”. To a certain extent what one wears marks one out as a person who cares about certain standards of quality and beauty and I want The Viridi-Anne to symbolize those things too.

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