Art, Books, Design August 24, 2011 By Chloe Eichler

Salad Lie (Die Salatlüge), 2006 for SZ Wissen Magazine

Salad Lie (Die Salatlüge), 2006 for SZ Wissen Magazine

Why “Good Weather” as the title of your exhibition?
I wanted to use a contradictory title for the poster image: “Meloncholy”- the raining watermelon. Apart from that, we were hoping for some good weather, after 6 weeks of rain.

What is it about repurposing and/or substituting objects that interests you?
Substituting objects comes in intuitively and started accidentally. Sometimes I look at things and think that they’re something else. Like a false or mistaken view that sparks a new idea, e.g., a lotus flower on the ground that resembles a plug and cable.

Your work is put together by hand, which isn’t a method usually associated with illustration or graphic design. How do materiality and physicality affect the work?
I think the term illustration has been defined too narrowly in recent years. Per definition, illustration just means to “shed light on something.” To represent something visually, which does not have include the use of pen and paper only. Creating images physically, using the computer only to collect moods or draw layouts, is a very fulfilling process and many new ideas develop in that phase.

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