Architecture, Art, Greenspace February 14, 2011 By Jordan Sayle

Image Courtesy of Robert Flottemesch. <strong>(Click for slideshow)</strong>

Image Courtesy of Robert Flottemesch. (Click for slideshow)

Having proven that there is no shortage of inventive spirit out there when it comes to artistic uses of renewable energy, the LAGI competition’s organizers now turn their attention toward the 2012 New York City contest,  The practical need for sustainable energy may fall under the realm of engineering, but this year’s winner argues for artistic vision as an essential ingredient for new efforts in innovation:
“The world is in a place where there’s a tremendous opportunity to re-imagine how we can live and how we see the world,” Flottemesch says. “And that’s a place where art plays a very strong role to help expand reality through imagination.”
Thanks to Lunar Cubit’s success in this competition, the artist looks forward to a day when this product of his imagination may become a reality.

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