Features, Music April 19, 2011 By Benjamin Gold

Who is in Cold Cave now?
Well, live it’s Dom [Fernow] and Jennifer [Clavin] still. And for this tour on guitar it’s Tony Joy and Alex Garcia Rivera on drums.

Did you decide to use more live instruments because of Cherish The Light Years? Is that something you thought about as you were creating the new album?
I just wanted this record to be this grandiose sobbing collection of songs and ideas, and I didn’t think I’d be able to do that if I recorded it by myself with synthesizers alone…. It was really imperative that I didn’t want to be like one of these bedroom synth bands that have popped up in the last couple years. I wasn’t interested in that from the beginning and I didn’t want any sort of affiliation with that.

Are you actively interested in evolving your sound? There’s been pretty dynamic growth since your first single, “The Trees Grew Emotions and Died”.
Yeah, I mean, I guess the most logical reason is that ["The Trees Grew Emotions and Died"] was one of the first songs I had written. Now it’s a few years later, I’ve been writing songs ever since then, and you just kind of keep stumbling on to different instruments, different ways to make a song, and different forms.
     Change is also one of the themes of the record. It’s a reflection on youth, and moving every two years, and I kind of wanted the record to fit that. I’m sure the next one will probably sound much different from this one, even…. And then the other main reason for the evolution is that I think it’s important to keep changing everything. Things become monotonous for me very quickly, and that is a main consideration for me. The element of change is more important than the music itself, who’s involved in it, or who else is collaborating with me. I kind of just know exactly what I want to do and do it regardless of the outcome, or anything else.

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