travel March 3, 2011 By Derek Peck

Morgans Rock beach sunset

Morgan's Rock Deck Sunset

title1 Winter travel
Now that the holidays are a distant memory, the “charm” of winter has long worn off, and you just can’t stomach the idea of a late-season snowstorm, tis the season to head south for a winter vacation. One of my favorite places to get away is the natural wonderland that is Central America, with its Pacific and Caribbean coasts in close proximity, lush rainforests, and crisp, clear mountain highlands. On a recent trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I came across a few choice spots worth mentioning. The region, like nearly everywhere, has obviously undergone dramatic change and growth in recent years and it’s become harder to find places that exude a tasteful charm (instead of a developer’s fantasy). But that’s what I keep an eye out for.

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