travel March 3, 2011 By Derek Peck

Morgans Rock Beach

Morgan's Rock Beach

In Nicaragua I found two great spots, each just a few kilometers from each other along bumpy dirt roads but worlds apart in style and spirit, Buena Vista Surf Lodge and Morgan’s Rock. Although Morgan’s Rock sounds like it could be a cheesy pirate theme hotel at Disney World (and it’s partly marketed that way), it is actually one of the more remarkable, gorgeous, and tasteful places I’ve been in my years of travel. Originally an expansive 1800-hectare (4500-acre) coastal hacienda and finca growing papaya, banana, teak wood, and various other harvestable jungle plants, the eco-lodge was developed less than ten years ago by the property’s owners. Set on this stunning, secluded, private beach and massive tropical forest are only 15 bungalows, tucked into to the hillsides and cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. All are designed to have minimal environmental impact, both in number and footprint, using solar power, well water, and constructed with fine woods from the hacienda’s forest.

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