Art, travel January 20, 2012 By Chloe Eichler



Many of the interiors you photograph could be considered “dead,” such as the uninhabited palaces, museums, and architectural monuments. What interests you about these spaces?  
The stories and events that happened in these places.  My aim is to create a new genre in photography using the historical imagination to reinvent and propose ” other” or different stories in sites of power.

Many of your photographs feature a head-on, deadpan presentation. How do you compose a shot?
Yes, the interiors are treated like theatrical sites in which to stage playful allegories using animals, cross-referring to European Fables as well as to the Ramayana and Panchatantra tales of Southern Asia. I try to include as much detail with precision using depth of field beyond F16 and using an ISO of 50 to get the resolution necessary to scale up to 48 inches x 60 inches. The composition operates mainly in symmetry to exaggerate the artifice yet to engage with sumptuous architectural detail.

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