Art, travel January 20, 2012 By Chloe Eichler



filler29 Karen Knorr      The women of India have faced many constraints under The Laws of Manu, the Mughal invasion, and Christianity. Child marriages and sati were commonplace, still fetuses are aborted if found to be female, and young women are burned if they do not produce the appropriate dowry for their in-laws. Zenanas (women’s quarters) and mardanas (men’s public spaces) are clearly indicated by the structure of the palaces, mansions, mosques, temples and synagogues. 

The animals in “India Song” and the “Fables” series can’t help but project a hint of personality. What do you look for when pairing a shot of an animal with a shot of an interior?
 The animal’s posture should integrate well within the architectural context, but simultaneously disrupt and challenge the “authority” of the space. The animal becomes a cipher and can be projected upon by the viewer hence seems to take on “personality”.  
     India is one of the most overpopulated countries of the world. Tigers, leopards, monkeys, and many birds are now threatened with development. Nature and animal life is also a very important part of India’s heritage to be protected for future generations. Earthquakes, wars, tourism, and tsunamis sweep away cultural heritage in a flash.  We are guardians of a fragile world.

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