Art March 14, 2012 By Sara Roffino

322 Cass Bird All of the subjects expressed a feeling of being uncomfortable in front of the camera. How did you create an environment where they look entirely at ease?
I treat myself as the subject when I’m photographing people. I am really completely present in the experience and aware of how vulnerable it is and I take a lot of that on. I’ll take a break and have a conversation, or do an activity where people feel less self-aware. I try to remove the separation between myself and the subject.
What is feminine and what is masculine?
I feel like any words I could use to describe these ideas would be contradicting myself because it’s just an energy. So much of what is considered masculine and so much of what is considered feminine is an illusion. We look at masculinity and femininity in terms of opposites, but I don’t think that’s accurate. We all physically contain masculine and feminine energy, and some of us skew more one way or another. I think that the things that make us feel masculine or feminine are hormonal levels in your body, and it’s fluid—it changes all the time throughout your life. I also believe that the division and the contrast of it all is going to get smaller and more invisible as we progress as a society. 

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