Fashion February 11, 2012 By Derek Peck

11 Miguel Adrover They were an unproven entity in the apparel world and when the economy slipped following 9/11 they went south and took Adrover with them. Even though he made acclaimed comebacks on his own, he never regained the support of the fashion establishment, who wanted a reliable, sellable brand.
     This new collection will again test the preconceptions of the fashion world. Composed almost entirely of repurposed clothes from his own wardrobe, Adrover has not cut or sewn a single garment, nor has he used a single pattern or bolt of fabric. He wants to show that beautiful clothing can be made without relying upon convention, and can be done from what we have available. He says he got the inspiration after returning from trips to Egypt and then Cuba, where, he says, “It makes you see how lucky and unlucky we are.”
     “I came home and looked at my closet and nearly cried. I said to myself, I am not going to do this any more. I felt like, fashion is no longer interesting. I don’t get excited anymore. I don’t want to add to a system of making inauthentic things, where anybody can get anything, anywhere, anytime. I want to re-excite myself, to find a way to express myself again, that is meaningful and sustainable and respects the changes I see going on in the world. I decided to repurpose my clothes, to make something new from them.”
     “One thought I had was, what if a plane is flying over the Amazon and all the luggage of all the people falls out and lands in the jungle near a village? What would they do with the clothes? How would they put them together? This helped me conceive what I wanted to do.”

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