Art March 17, 2015 By Editors

post 21 MagdalenaPlease tell us about the origin of this series and how it evolved. In particular, what was the first spark that led you to shooting these from-behind portraits?

Well the book I published of this series is a lot more nudity than back photos, the back images just came about because of censorship on Instagram.

Beyond just getting around Instagram censorship, it seems like the photos developed a life of their own. Was there ever moment when you realized it was developing into something?

It became a thing of its own as there were more and more images of the same idea in different places. I have always taken self-portraits when I was in amazing places alone. Since I’m not a landscape photographer I wanted to put a human element in them so I always had myself. And the reason for the nudity was because… it’s timeless!

Agreed, nudity is timeless, but that seems to imply making a decision, having a reason, and when I look at your photos I get more of a feeling of fun, a spontaneous act of freedom, like that’s just a way you feel alive in the world…. Thoughts?

Yeah all those things get involved. It’s being impulsive and spontaneous and almost getting arrested for being naked in public (haha). I love the fact that we all have a choice to just be free in whatever sense we feel that means. To me being naked in nature is my idea of freedom.

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