Art May 31, 2011 By Editors

kg 1 Kevin Greenblatkg title Kevin Greenblat
Kevin Greenblat placed third in the portrait category of our 3rd annual Global Travel Photo Contest. Kevin is an award winning photographer and graphic designer who has lived in Austin, Texas for the past fifteen years. Though he photographs people and places all over the world, these days finds himself especially drawn to capturing the lives of people in Louisiana and West Texas.

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Art, travel May 26, 2011 By Editors

RL 1 Rick Lewrl title1 Rick Lew
Rick Lew placed third in the general category of our 3rd annual Global Travel Photo Contest. Rick is an editorial and advertising photographer based in New York City. As a contributing Photographer for Condé Nast Traveler, Lew has photographed over thirty feature stories in over twenty five countries, not including the dozens of other countries he has traveled and photographed on his own. Italy (where his wining photograph was taken) is a country he always finds himself returning to, especially for assignments. “I feel most comfortable there, especially Sicily and the Aeolian Islands where the food is simple and delicious, the people extremely welcoming, and the water the most beautiful deep blue I’ve ever seen.”

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SOLTAG Exterior. SOLTAG Energy Housing, Horsholm, Denmark. Nielsen and Rubow, Cenrgia, Kuben Byfornyelse Danmark, and Velux Danmark.

zo title Zero Energy Architecturefiller29 Zero Energy Architecture
There’s a mystifying number of terms used to describe green architecture and its components: renewable, sustainable, energy-saving, Energy Star, carbon-neutral, LEED-certified. Perhaps the most powerful term is zero-energy, or net-zero, which describes a building that takes no energy annually from the power grid and has no carbon emissions, so that it doesn’t burden existing systems and pollute. A new book, “Towards Zero-Energy Architecture: New Solar Design” by Mary Guzowski, takes a look at some contemporary buildings that meet this goal without sacrificing style.
     Designers and builders can work to achieve zero-energy by installing appliances and heating and cooling systems that use minimal energy, and others that produce their own energy and can even contribute surplus energy back to the grid, like photovoltaic panels, geothermal wells and solar water heaters. But the most powerful strategies, and the ones more likely to shape the character of a building, are ones that incorporate so-called passive means to control light and heat, like site orientation, roof overhangs, operable windows, and shutters. Since heating, cooling and lighting are a building’s greatest energy loads, responding strategically to the sun and its movements is an important step to get to zero-energy.

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Art May 24, 2011 By Editors

mt 1 Marcela Taboadamt title Marcela Taboada
Marcela Taboada placed second in the portriat category of our 3rd annual Global Travel Photo Contest. She is an accomplished and independent Mexican photographer. Her work is in the collections of the The Hasselblad Center, Fotografisk Center de Copenhagen, Sonoma Museum of Art, Throckmorton Fine Art Gallery NY, The Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, the Fifty Crows Gallery in San Francisco, CA among others. She has received awards and stipiends like: III Journalism Bienale México, Hasselblad Foundation, National Geographic All Roads Photographers, Women the image Creator, Photo Lucida nomination, among others.

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Books, Music May 23, 2011 By Eugene Rabkin

Moby-Destroyed, 2009-2010

Moby-Destroyed, 2009-2010

Moby Title Moby Destroyed
Moby has been a stalwart of electronic music for two decades, and there is no sign of him slowing down. This month he released a new record, Destroyed, accompanied by an eponymous book of photographs he has taken on tour. The book serves as a sort of a diary but also a way to turn a mirror on the world, which could be quite cathartic for any celebrity. Some of the photos are excellent, especially the one that made the cover. That was taken inside the La Guardia airport and is the last word in the cautionary sign, “All unattended luggage will be destroyed.”
     In the introductory passage to the book Moby says that touring is decidedly unglamorous, that it is weird and isolating. Indeed many photos give off a sense of alienation and loneliness. They are taken at the airports, in hotel rooms, and at concerts. They are thoughtful and meditative and give off a certain sense of quietness. The pictures that depict concert audiences seem as if Moby pressed a pause button in the middle of the concert in order to reflect on his surroundings.

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High Tech High by Jim Brady, courtesy of Studio E Architects

js title Green Blueprints
A weak economy was supposed to have curtailed sustainable building practices. The lack of green in developers’ wallets was expected to cause a scaling down in the greenness of their designs. Yet, while efficient building practices haven’t been immune to the recession-borne downturn of recent years in the overall construction industry, the American Institute of Architects was still able to find a variety of ambitious new structures to fill its annual list of the top ten green projects.
     For the 15th year, the AIA’s Committee on the Environment has surveyed the latest work submitted by some of the country’s finest architects and agreed upon the most outstanding new creations, taking into account factors such as land use, construction materials, and the integration of energy-reducing features. Here now (listed alphabetically by project) is an overview of 2011’s environmental honor roll.

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Art, Book May 17, 2011 By Jennifer Pappas

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By AISLAP from Nuevo Mundo, Copyright Gestalten 2011

nm title Nuevo Mundo
Last year I spent six unstructured months winding through Latin America from Costa Rica down to the southern tip of Brazil. Amidst my wanderings, there were several constants I found lurking in the many cities, coastlines and thoroughfares I passed through. One of those constants was the all-encompassing presence of public art — vast, unheralded and makeshift swatches of it everywhere I looked. Stencils, murals, wheat pastings, stickers and crude throw-ups… Entire streets, buildings, staircases and dumpsters — from Valparaíso, Chile to Bogota, Colombia — were covered in some form of visual expression.
     Nuevo Mundo: Latin American Street Art by Maximilliano Ruiz has just been released in the United States and is the first book to offer a complete documentation of current street art trends endemic to Latin America. Featuring such heavyweights as Os Gêmeos, Bastardilla, Vitché, Titi Freak and Run Don’t Walk, the book is divided by country and displays the full spectrum of each region’s artistic multiplicity. Each page acts as a vignette or picture postcard from the artists, accompanied by a short, explanatory message that though intended to provide context, generally lets the image speak for itself. Turning the pages, it’s evident that Latin America remains an evocative breeding ground for public art. Thanks to a long history of socio-political adversity, economic instability, lengthy dictatorships and indigenous cultures, there’s something blatantly alive and hungry in each image.

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Art May 13, 2011 By Editors

jl 1 Jimmy Lamjl title Jimmy Lam
Jimmy Lam placed second in the general category of our 3rd annual Global Travel Photo Contest. Jimmy was born and raised in Singapore. As China’s economy continued to flourish in the past decade, he became interested in the changes brought about by the rapid economic growth. He has since made hundreds of trips to over forty cities in China to document these accelerated economic developments.

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Music May 11, 2011 By Timothy Gunatilaka

Tummy Touch Records

Tummy Touch Records

BingJi Bing Ji Ling: Shadow to Shine
It’s a fitting name, Bing Ji Ling. Translating from Mandarin to “ice cream”, Quinn Luke’s stage-identity encapsulates everything about the treat: cool, sweet, the perfect finish to sunny days, and a romantic symbol of Americana. Led by opener, “Move On”, Bing Ji Ling’s third album stands out as one of the better Motown-soul revivals in an increasingly saturated field. Best known for his work in the Phenomenal Handclap Band, Luke brings together members of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Scissor Sisters, Antibalas, and, of course, PHB for Shadow to Shine. Glimmers of PHB’s funk aesthetics certainly show themselves here. But the overarching mood is more romantic than raucous, as soft acoustics and pacific horns accent the yacht-rock balladry and smooth blue-eyed soul on songs, such as “Sunshine Love” and “Hypnotized”. These days, Mother Nature’s bipolar ways may not be able to tell us, but with the breezy, breathtaking Shadow to Shine, Bing Ji Ling is ready to announce that summer is indeed here.
filler29 Bing Ji Ling: Shadow to Shine

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