Art November 1, 2011 By Aiya Ono

dm 2 Dan MonickWhat are some themes you focus on in your work, or a common thread that you have discovered emerges? 
Simplicity. Modern items framed in a very classic way. I always think about if a can of Coke Zero in a photo today will look as cool as the bottle of Pepsi does in a William Eggleston photo from 1973. I’m also interested in natural sexuality with a bit of examining gender identity since I’ve always been inspired by Nan Goldin.
Is it the Coke Zero or is it the era that a photograph of a Coke Zero symbolizes that is important for you? In other words, are you photographing the object or the moment?
Both—I like modern stuff in the current moment. Eggleston, when he photographed the images that he did, probably wasn’t thinking about how it would look in 20 years. He was probably in the moment but by default it also became a time capsule. That’s what really interests me.

Is your location on the West Coast important to your work?
Location is not important; however, community is. I’m from Minneapolis, but even if I were still there I’d probably be photographing the same subjects. I kind of like the shitty reputation L.A. has because it keeps the community minimal. It’s not over-saturated. And though you can’t avoid celebrities, it’s part of the culture and you learn to think of it positively. L.A. is way more artistic than most people would expect.

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