Art November 1, 2011 By Aiya Ono

dm 3 Dan Monick What future projects are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a series of zines published with a Xerox machine. I’m also really interested in the stories pay phones tell. I remember when we didn’t have cell phones or the Internet. We’d be at a punk rock concert and the pay phone would ring, and someone would answer and shout out if so-and-so were around. There’s a community around each pay phone. Like drug dealing. And I always think, God, if those pay phones could fucking talk, the stuff that’s gone down there must be insane.
So the pay phone symbolizes a kind of community?
Definitely. Now everyone owns a cell phone, and it’s just not the same. You see pay phones disappearing and you realize stuff changes and moves so fucking fast.
What else symbolizes community for you?
The things people write in concrete. Some of the things are really bizarre and stupid and you’re like, wow, that’s really what you’d put on something that’ll last for a long time? Weird anomalies really get to me, like birthday cakes. We only get them for a really important day but they can be so tacky and mundane. Like the phrases people write in concrete, I see some of the messages and designs on birthday cakes and it’s just so funny. I’m planning to do a series on both of these subjects in the near future.

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