Art May 4, 2010 By Rachel A Maggart

Premonitions, 2010.

Premonitions, 2010.

But your art conveys that [disharmony] so well! [Laughter] I’m thinking of certain pieces that seem to dissolve into abstraction — as if all the over-stimulation we’re dealing with these days is causing their break down…in Temporary Wellness, for example — there are these shards of mosaic, stained glass…

Like a fractured-glass house. There’s this certain fragility to it, or vulnerability — but also optimism. It could go both ways, really.

It’s true — your recent work can be read as an uplifting or conversely frightening reflection of the present. In your opinion, are the technological advances we’re facing benefiting humanity?

I guess it’s that utopia/dystopia trope. There are wonderful things about [the advances], but with them there’s also a dark side…my paintings could be read that way as well…there’s something seductive but also foreboding and dark about them as well.

Both reassuring and slightly sinister at times, with this seamless intermingling of artificial and human intelligence…

I’m glad the technological element came through!

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