dig_5AM: One of the key reversals that’s happening in Dig is there won’t be that frozen moment when the project is complete. Whereas in other projects that are installed and unalterable, here we have the opportunity to continually change something. The most completed the project will ever be is the day we de-install it.
PM: How accessible will Dig be?
DA: On April 23rd we’re going to have a closing and allow people to enter. Then we’re going to take it apart. Before that I’ll allow people to enter with me (Storefront’s setting it up by appointment), but most people will view it from passages, looking in from the outside. It will be sort of like looking into an ant farm.
PM: Is there a purpose to the work? What do you hope people will get out of it?
DA: There’s no prescribed purpose. For me it’s more just an experiment in form.

Dig is made possible through the lead support of OHWOW and Galerie Perrotin. Please visit OHWOW.com for further details and to track the project’s daily progress..

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