Features, film July 19, 2011 By Rachel A Maggart

     Morris reiterates, “It’s a very sad sequence when the camera is panning and [Joyce] says ‘nothing is happening,’ with the barking hounds in the distance. I sometimes think she’s desperately trying to fill some void that never actually does get filled, maybe doesn’t get filled until she gets ‘pregnant’ with the five Booger clones…‘we’re pregnant!’” He adds impishly, “with five babies.”
     For Morris, documentary filmmaking is “an attempt to recover reality.” His découpage techniques amplify his protagonist’s delusions, but they could also be a commentary about the way we scrapbook our own histories. To the extent we are all self-fulfilling prophecies there may be a method to his madness.

“Why is it your favorite film you’ve made?” I’m on the edge of my seat.

“Because it’s got a little bit of my obsessions from a lot of different movies.” Morris illuminates. “Self-deception, first person insane storytelling, dogs, photography, hopeless love of perhaps nothing….” He digresses. “I kept wondering when we were making this movie…I thought love involved two people, but it seems it only involves one. Is it in love with the idea of love? Is it in love with this phantom lover who maybe never existed?”

Tabloid is now showing in New York and seven other cities nationally.

Also check out the clip for legendary director Werner Herzog’s thoughts on the film.

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