Fashion September 11, 2007 By Noel Spirandelli
rain A Day of Rain
Metallic Mini Sass & Bide Crochet Tank DDC Lab Blouse Mischen Trench Coat Aurelio Costarella Hat Nixon Ring Pianegonda

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Art September 7, 2007 By Derek Peck
alexander Alexander Berg
Photography by Alexander Berg

berg title Alexander Berg

The photos here were taken during one of two marathon studio sessions in New York City. In 2003, Alexander Berg had received access to an empty storefront through the Chashama space grant program, which provides temporary free space to artists around Manhattan. Like any ambitious photographer, Berg was looking for a novel and powerful idea to catalyze his artistic vision. He says One Shot came to him as a rigorous but playful experiment. “I’d recognized that the first frame of any shoot always held more tension, expectation, joy and fear, and the project became a kind of open question about what can happen in only one frame.” Berg put a sign on 42nd Street outside the makeshift studio, at the epicenter of the world’s most international city, and also emailed friends. Then, for ten hours a day he photographed portraits of any and all comers. The theme was simple: Be as you are or however you wish to be — you have only one frame.

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Fashion September 1, 2007 By Derek Peck
geller Robert Geller
Photography by Carlota Manaigo

geller title Robert Geller

“Jean-Paul Belmondo; riding a Vespa; sitting in cafes; smoking a cigarette and checking out girls with your buddies…” — just a few touchstones of Paris in the 1960s, Robert Geller says, which inspired the debut collection of his new men’s line. “What I liked about that time,” Geller explains, “was the masculinity. They didn’t watch every word they said. But they also had a sensitive side.” In Robert Geller Collection, one of the most anticipated and watched launches this fall, that translates into mid-length leather jackets, wide-legged trousers, short-brimmed Ecuador hats, skinny suspenders, and cotton voile shirts, all on lean but muscular young men who, like Belmondo in Breathless, are slightly unformed creatures, not yet certain to turn out good or bad.
     “They could have this vulgarness [sic], this roughness, but also be in touch with a vulnerable, feminine side,” Geller says. “It’s the kind of masculinity I like. Today, that’s coming back. People are open to a more diverse image of masculinity again. Guys want toughness with a touch of elegance. That’s something girls like to see in a man.”
     Geller knows a bit about men’s wear and what women like to see. After training at Marc Jacobs, he joined Alexandre Plokhov at Cloak in 2002 and helped revamp the line, earning the duo the Ecco Domani prize in 2003 and a Vogue/CFDA grant in 2004.